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"Nothing is impossible unless YOU think it is impossible" ~ AMV

At College4All, we are strong believers in the abilities of youth to succeed. Our programming and activities are designed to help youth reach their goals and fulfill their highest potential.

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At College4All, we only provide free resources that non-profit organizations provide.  No one should pay money for college advisement.  There is too much great and FREE information online.


Free Test Prep

Easily Accessible

We love having the opportunity to prompt free test prep for SAT and ACT.  Don't forget your classroom is test prep, too!

SAT Prep

ACT Academy

College Board App


Bay Area Programs

Here’s How to Stand Out

At College4All, we believe to be exceptional is by discovering y our passions and ideas.  Learn more about programs for YOU to build your resume and experience. Check it out here!

#Magis #College Tour group final stop is

College Search

Research now

Learn with facts and data.  These are amazing resources to help you discover colleges.

College Navigator

College Scorecard

Rate My Professor

BigFuture CollegeBoard

Linkedin for High School students



At College4All, we ask experts across the nation to inform you about various topics about the college application process and college financial aid.  Listen and subscribe!

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College Applications

Don’t Be the Last to Know!

Read all the details and start early!  Always feel free to contact the college campus admission office via email, phone, Twitter or Instagram and ask QUESTIONS!

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Common App is used by hundreds of colleges.  One application for many.  You can start as early as 9th grade to set up your account but try to submit your applications by early Fall your senior year.  Don't delay and follow them on Instagram @Commonapp  Twitter @CommonApp and Youtube for helpful tips.

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A very new college application system for several colleges.  However, it is exclusively used by

University of Washington

University of Florida and

University of Maryland, College Park.  One great feature of this application is that students can get granted a waiver for each application by just asking the college directly.  You can start this application in 9th grade, too.  Colleges who use both the Coalition and Common App have no preference.  Here is a video to help you understand this  application.

Personal Statements aka the College Essay


Use these resources to help create an engaging story that highlights who you are for college admissions and for YOU!

Common App Prompts

UC Pesonal Insights Prompts

Campus Specific Prompts

Coalition Prompts



More Tips

CA Public Universities & Colleges

While #admission letters begin to flow i

Choose a great affordable option especially for CA residents.  Learn about the CA Educational Plan with the following system:

College Financial Aid

Empowering Children with Knowledge and Resources

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Federal College Aid 4 All Colleges

Build a Better Future for YOU without Debt

Student Aid Gov

Pell Grant (free $$)

Work Study (earn $$)

Gov Protected Loans (pay back $$)

FAFSA application (submit in Oct - Senior Yr)


FAFS4Caster (estimate your cost)

What does that mean?

California Government Aid Opportunities 4 All CA Colleges & Residents


CSS Profile

Additional Aid Form 4 Many Prestigious Colleges

How to Apply to the CSS Profile

Colleges that Require the CSS Profile 400+

CSS Profile Guide


Tax Benefits Opportunities

Making a Difference One Child at a Time

Tax Credits

CA 529 Plan

Federal Forgiveness Loan

Creating your Resume

Standing Out as a Contributor



At College4All, we recognize there are many pathways to college.  Here are just a few that require some extra steps in the admissions process.

Visual Performing Arts Colleges

There are 380 #research opportunities _s

Building a Creative Future

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People are Talking About Our Work

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Home: Pro Gallery
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